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MAT 106-05

Page history last edited by norine 2 years, 4 months ago


Date Assignment Due Date
 Sept 3rd
Math Help Service Website:  Complete question #10 on page 20 Next math class 
 Sept 8th
Math Help Service workbook page # 21  Next math class 
 Sept 14th
Study your notes on Forms: Standard, expanded, exponential and written   Quiz on Sept 17th 
 Sept 17th
Complete pages 170 and 171 in your MHS workbook  MHS assignment online Due next class 
 Sept. 22nd
MHS workbook Pg. 23   Also MHS assignment has been sent.  Due next class for Workbook only 
 Sept. 23rd.
MHS workbook Pg. 34 Also MHS assignment has been sent.  Due next class for Workbook only 
 Sept. 28th
Math handout: "Exponents/Order of Operations; First page only!  Due next math class 
Sept 29th  Math Help Service on-line assignment sent.    Due Sunday Oct. 4th
 Sept. 30th
Handout: Order of Operations and Average + Math Help Service on-line assignment  Handout due next math class? MHS ass. see due date 
 Oct 1st
Math Help Service Workbook Page 35 + Math Help Service on-line assignment Due next math class 
 Oct 5th
Math Help Service Workbook Page 25  and 26  Due next math class 
 Oct 6th
Handout on Order of Operations p.29 Quiz on Order of Operations next class (Thursday Oct. 8th   
 Oct 7th
Study for Quiz (Order of Operations) BEDMAS  Quiz Oct. 8th 
 Oct. 19th
 Workbook page 31 Plus second question on Key Words handout.
Due next class 
 Oct 26
 Study LCM and GCF, factoring and prime factoring. Quiz tomorrow. Study Key Words
Quiz tomorrow 
 Oct. 29
MHS Workbook: Pages 37 all, 38 #13 and page 39 all  Will have Mid Term middle of next week
 Nov. 2
Work of Memory Aid for Mid-Term: Key Words for LCM and GCF, Prime factoring for LCM and GCF, Know the difference between Natural Numbers, Whole Numbers and Integers. Divisibility rules, Prime and Composite, Order of Operations (BEDMAS), Estimation, chain of operation, Know the difference between less than, equal and greater than, Showing a composite number as a product of its prime.   





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